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The George Daniell Museum is devoted to the life’s work of George Daniell (1911-2002).

The photographs and paintings of the prominent photographer captured gay themes, glamorous celebrities, and scenes of everyday life in pre-and-post-war America. His works were featured in major magazines, including “Time,” “Life” and “Esquire,” and was also displayed in the Smithsonian, The Museum of Modern Art and the Chicago Institute of Art.

Presented by George Daniell Estate and

The Research Center for the Cultural History of Sexuality at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany is conducting a five-year research project (2017-2022) on the collection of Naomi Wilzig. The purpose of the project is the documentation, research, and exhibition of the collection. The aim is to make the objects and the collection history accessible to scientific research, to make the work of Naomi Wilzig known to a broader public, and to develop new formats of object-based learning in university education.

At WEAM the Research Center presents an exhibition on the German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935) who opened the world's first museum of sexuality at his Institute of Sexology in Berlin in 1919.

Alfred Charles Kinsey (1894-1956), an American biologist, was a pioneer of sex research. He authored books based on his studies of male and female behavior that helped usher in the "Sexual Revolution" of the 1960s. In 1947 Professor Kinsey established the Institute for Sex Research. Now known as the Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana, it is the trusted source for critical issues in sexuality, gender and reproduction.

Currently WEAM is exhibiting a presentation about Dr. Kinsey and his studies.

The partnership between The Kinsey Institute and WEAM is a logical collaboration between two American institutions that focus on fostering understanding of human sexuality.

Wilzig bldg with logo.jpg

The Wilzig Building is a museum complex of art with entrances on Washington Avenue and 12th Street in Miami Beach. The collection of museums and gift shops is an expansion on the Naomi Wilzig Erotic Art Museum (WEAM). Naomi Wilzig (1934-2015) bought the building to showcase her vast collection of erotic art in 2005. 

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