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Melissa Blundell-Osorio  

Education Director

WEAM's Education Department is the museum's newest community programming initiative. Through these educational and public programs, WEAM aims to become the home for conversations on sex and sexuality in Miami.  


Established by Melissa Blundell-Osorio, the museum's inaugural Director of Education, WEAM's Education Department is the first of its kind. Attitudes towards sex, gender, and sexuality influence almost every facet of our lives, including our language, which legislation is passed, what kind of clothes we wear, how we educate our kids, what's censored in the media, and more. WEAM's programming lineup is designed to explore these attitudes and how they impact our lives, as well as start changing the way we think and talk about sex.


WEAM produces and hosts a range of events, classes, and workshops that allows people to explore a wide variety of topics related to human sexuality. Through a combination of academic events, such as guest speakers and panel discussions, cultural programs, such as film screenings and true storytelling events, and a variety of experiential classes and workshops, WEAM is a hub for visitors interested in learning more about these topics.

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Education at WEAM

Conferences and Workshops

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